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SENBSA Club 20

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Riverview NB  E1B 4T8


1319 Caledonia Mountain Road, Caledonia Mountain NB  E4H 1A9
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Clubhouse  (506) 734-3455


Trail Conditions







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 Caledonia Mountain / Fundy Highlands / Moncton North



14 February 2018 (1:00 pm)

Two groomers out today.

One going near Don's Diner and doing top side of Mountain.

Second doing Hayward and Sweet Mountain trail.


Once again be careful and don't expect miracles.




14 February 2018 (8:30 am)

One of the groomers was out yesterday doing the trails on top of the Mountain.

Trails seem to be not too bad considering the weather we have had.


Please drive with caution as some places are wind swept and there is the odd washout




01 February 2018 (8:30 am)

We have been out with groomers trying to develop a trail base.  The snow we received is very light and has no bottom to it.  At present time we do not recommend being on the trails.

Lets hope this system coming has more snow in it than rain.




11 January 2018 (11:00am)

As of yesterday all of our trails were groomed and some with multiple passes.

The upcoming weather does not sound very good.  Let's hope this changes.

Lisa will be having wing night at the Clubhouse tonight starting at 4pm.

Let's try to get out and support this event so we can make it a Thursday night event. 




09 January 2018 (9:00am)

All trails are looking pretty good for the snow we have.

Our operators have done a great job.

As of right now all Moncton Trails are done.

Today we are grooming Trails 878, 885 and doing a loop around the mountain to touch it up.




06 January 2018 (9:00am)

A couple issues yesterday but not too bad for the first day out.

Clubhouse to Point Park and Trail 15 is groomed.

The mountain is about 80 percent done.  We had a track issue and had to go back before we were completely done.  Going back out tonight to finish.

Hillsborough did not get done as we had an alternator issue.  We will be going back out this morning to finish.

The Moncton groomer made it as far as the Ontario Road and parked for the night.  He will be going back out today with assistance of members doing signing in this area.




05 JANUARY 2018  (8:30AM)

Not at all what we were hoping for.

Two groomers will be leaving the Clubhouse this morning.

One heading into Trail 15 and then to Riverview.

Second one is heading around the mountain and then heading towards Alma as far as he can go depending on snow.

This afternoon one will be heading to Hillsborough and one to Moncton.

We ask everybody to be patient as we will do the best we can with the snow we have to work with.




26 DECEMBER 2017

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of our members.

Things are looking good if we could only get one more good storm we would be off and running.

Ground is frozen,groomers and drags are ready,we just need snow.

There has been a lot of trail work this year  ie.signing,bridge building,culverts ,and ditching.

Many thanks to the members that put a lot of long hours into this.

And let's not forget about the beautiful new Kent Road shelter.

Again many thanks to the members that put a lot of hard work into this project.

Let's hope for snow and hope to see you on the trails soon.


If you have any questions or concerns, please see our Board of Directors list