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1319 Caledonia Mountain Road, Caledonia Mountain NB  E4H 1A9
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 Caledonia Mountain / Fundy Highlands / Moncton North


Thursday 10 May 2018 CLOSING MESSAGE

On behalf of SENBSA Club 20 Executive and Board of Directors we would like to thank everyone who signed up with our Club this year, and we hope to see you next year.

We also want to thank all of our sponsors, if it wasn’t for them all of this would not happen.  A big thanks goes out to Lisa and her staff who did a great job with the Clubhouse this year.

As far as our season goes we did not have the snow we wanted to, but in March and April we had some great riding on the mountain.  We would like to thank our grooming coordinators and especially our operators who did a great job with the snow we had to work with.

This coming Saturday, 12 March 2018 will be our annual trail clean up day.  Anybody out on the trails please pick up any garbage, debris, etc. to help keep our forest clean.

We are also trying to get a crew at the Clubhouse to clean up around the yard, clean the groomer garage and also give the groomers a good cleaning inside and out.  Anybody interested we are going to start at 9am.

Also anybody out on the trails who comes across our washout marking cones, could you please pick them up and return them to us please.  If you would call any one of the Board of Directors in your area we will make sure they get picked up.  Board of Directors list of numbers can be found on the website.

Hope you all have a great summer and hope to see everybody back next fall.

Wayne Carter


Upper Coverdale


Kevin Williams

1st Vice President



Jarred Beers

2nd Vice President / Giant Cash Draw Committee Chairman



Kim Hoar




Dave Hewitson




Danny Gillcash

Past President







Fred Field




Dave Garland

Director / Zone 8



Pierre Larivierre




George MacDonald




Steve McGarrity

Director / Giant Cash Draw Committee



Glen McLaughlin




Scott Middleton




Ray Milton




Brian Morrisey




Joel Phillips




Dwayne Price




Peter Ritcey




James Ritchie


Upper Coverdale


Nathan Roy


Lutes Mountain


Travis Smith




Kirk Stairs

Director / Giant Cash Draw Committee Chairman



Bruce Steeves




Mackenzie Steeves


Upper Coverdale


Lee Steeves

Director / Poley Mountain Hill Climb



John Warren





Just a reminder to all members about the SENBSA Hill Climb at Poley Mountain this Saturday 07 April 2018.

This is a major fundraiser for our club which helps with grooming and maintaining trails.

We are short a few volunteers for the staging area and especially the tear down at the end of the day.

Anyone that could lend a hand please call Lee Steeves at 850-3014.


06 April 2018 (9:30pm)

Groomers are out again on the Mountain tonight.

Last night one groomer made it to Nixon Road and to the Levy Road before it ran out of snow.

We had a groomer on Trail 864 towards Albert Mines and discovered a 4 wheeler on our trails.  Just a reminder 4 wheelers are not allowed on the trails until after April 15.  This is the second time in a couple weeks of a report of this in the last couple weeks.  Anybody seeing 4 wheelers on the trails before Apr il 15th please get the plate # and report it to SENBSA or  to Off Road Enforsement and stiff fines will be applied.

It’s a shame one or two people have to ruin this.

To all our members,please get out and enjoy some spring snowmobiling.




06 April, 2018 (12:00pm)

Wow,look at the temps.  We are continuing to groom as long as the temperatures stay like this.

Trails are very passable on the Mountain and it is probably the best spring snowmobiling we’ve had in a long time.

Just heard that the trails to Poley have been groomed and very passable also.  Lets get out and support this fantastic event.

The Clubhouse will be open for food and gas.




05 April 2018 (830am)

Three groomers left the Clubhouse this morning to see what we can do with the trails.  Hopefully there is not too much damage.  We will update later today when we hear from the operators.

Wing night is still on the go for tonight so let's everybody try and get out.




03 April 2018 (9:00pm)

Trails on the mountain were in excellent shape today.

Hopefully we will survive the upcoming weather.

We have groomers out tonight doing Sweet Mountain, Trail 878, and the mountain area.




03 April 2018 (6:30am)

Two groomers were out on the mountain last night returning to the Clubhouse this morning.

Heard reports the trails were excellent yesterday.

The Clubhouse will be open for gas and food today.




01 April 2018 (10:00am)

Three groomers are just getting back to the Clubhouse.

One was out to Teahans Corner and back through all trails on the mountain.

The second groomer went as far as the shale pits in Hillsborough.

The third went as far as the Hardscrabble shelter and was running out of snow and encountering water on the trail.  This will be the last trip in this direction .

Two groomers will go out again tonight when the temperature drops.

Clubhouse will be open.




31 March 2018 (9:00am)

Happy Easter to everybody .

Looks like the temperatures are going to cooperate with us for the next 3 nights.

I am hearing the trails are still good .

Three groomers will be on the go tonight as soon as the temperature drops.

Two will be on the mountain with the third heading to Salisbury and Riverview as far as the snow allows for grooming.




29 March 2018 (3:00pm)

Dont forget about wing night tonight at the Clubhouse.

The owner of the blueberry field on Trail 864 called and was very upset about people being on his field.  This is an absolute no no.  This trail will be shut down the next time this happens.

Please respect our land owners.

Grooming will take place again as soon as the temperature drops.




26 March 2018 (9:00pm)

One groomer left Moncton today and went to Point Park and back Trail 34 to the Clubhouse.

Another groomer is going out tonight to do Sweet Mountain.

Clubhouse will be open from 12-8 tomorrow.




25 March 2018 (9:00am)

Groomers were on the trails last night.  One came from Moncton through Salisbury to Point Park; another left the Clubhouse and came through Trail 885; third groomer was out on the Mountain.




24 March 2018 (9:30am)

Unit 2 is down with mechanical problems.

Unit 4 is in Moncton.

The other two groomers will be in the mountain area today.

Riverview is done with one pass.




23 March 2018 (6:00am)

All groomers will be on the trail by 7:00am.

Looks like we got a fair bit of packy snow with some drifting.

We are sending groomers to Moncton, Riverview, and the Mountain.

Please be patient as it is going to take us a while to open things up, but we will be at it 24 hours a day.

Anybody that can get out and bust open some trails this will be a big help.

The Clubhouse is open for gas and food.

Sled safe.




22 March 2018 (8:30am)

One groomer was out yesterday doing the top side of the mountain and down to Alma.

Trails are in awesome shape.

All groomers will be leaving after the storm with one heading back to Moncton.




20 March 2018 (4:15pm)

Two groomers are on the move:

One going through Hayward and Sweet Mountain

Second groomer is getting ready to go to 885 to Riverview.


We have had some depressing comments on the trails on the weekend about smoking in the shelters.  People have called directors and also commented to on website about this issue.

The Board of Directors voted last year on a no smoking policy in our shelters and would appreciate that everybody obey this policy.

Thanks,SENBSA Board Of Directors




19 March 2018 (1:30pm)

Wow, what a busy weekend on our trails.  Hats off to our grooming crew for a fantastic job!

One groomer is out on the mountain and a second going to Hillsborough.  We are trying to get the Moncton groomer back to the mountain for maintenance at this time.




17 March 2018 (9:00am)

Not much to say about trails as they are all groomed and in great shape.

All groomers will be on the trail today.

Midnight poker run registration starts at 6 at the clubhouse so please come out and get a hand.

It’s going to be a busy day out there so please sled safe.




16 March 2018 (9:00am)

Busy night on the mountain . . . Lots of sleds out and a huge turnout for wing night.  A big high five to Lisa and her staff for a great job!

All trails have at least one pass on them including Sweet Mountain.

All groomers will be out today on trails so drive with caution.

We will be towards Hillsborough, the mountain, Riverview, and Moncton .




15 March 2018 (7:30am)

Three groomers have left the clubhouse:

One going to Trail 15 and then to Point Park

2nd going Hillsborough way

3rd on top of the mountain

Moncton groomer will be starting this afternoon doing trails in that section.


Please be patient as temperatures are not the best for grooming.

I heard reports of up to a foot of fresh snow on the mountain.

Please remember about the midnight poker run with registration starting at 6 pm on Saturday, March 17th.

There will be a band playing at the Clubhouse Saturday night also.

WING NIGHT tonight @ the Clubhouse

Just a note we are out of gas at the Clubhouse until later today due to the storm and truck break downs.




13 March 2018 (10:00am)

All trails in our system are done with multiple passes over some. 

All groomers will be down for maintenance until this next system passes through.  Once the storm ends, we will have all groomers on the trails again.

Please don’t forget about our midnight poker run Saturday starting at 6pm 



12 March 2018 (8:15am)

One groomer leaving today to touch up some trails Hillsborough way and a second going to do Hayward trail and Sweet Mountain.

Midnight Poker run will be this Saturday starting at 6 PM.




11 March 2018 (1:00pm)

Just left Alma and went to the Clubhouse -- met unit 2 at Teahans Corner and transmission problem is fixed.  Trails are grooming up real good, looks like winter wonderland back here.

There is a washout half way down the Kent Road -- it is marked with a cone so be careful.




11 March 2018 (10:00am)

Well after being on the trails yesterday I must say that’s the best it’s been this year.

All groomers are out again today.

We got a late start to Riverview but did get to Point Park and Trail 15.

Groomers today will be doing Moncton, Riverview, Hillsborough, and the mountain.


The Clubhouse is open for food and gas so please drop in and enjoy some great food.




09 March 2018 (8:00pm)

One groomer is on the way to Moncton now .

The other 3 groomers will be leaving the Clubhouse first thing in the morning with one going to Point Park, one going to Hillsborough and one doing the mountain.

We are going to try and run these 24 hours a day for the next couple days as long as the temperatures work with us.

Please be careful as there will be washouts out there .

Clubhouse will be open for gas and food.

Midnight poker run will be next Saturday and we will update the schedule for that this week .

Please enjoy what we have and don’t expect miracles as this is far from perfect grooming conditions.




16 February 2018 (6:30pm)


There will be one groomer on the trails tonight trying to fix up some washouts and loosen up some snow for tomorrow; drive with caution   

Also the Clubhouse will be open. Happy trails




14 February 2018 (1:00 pm)

Two groomers out today.

One going near Don's Diner and doing top side of Mountain.

Second doing Hayward and Sweet Mountain trail.


Once again be careful and don't expect miracles.




14 February 2018 (8:30 am)

One of the groomers was out yesterday doing the trails on top of the Mountain.

Trails seem to be not too bad considering the weather we have had.


Please drive with caution as some places are wind swept and there is the odd washout




01 February 2018 (8:30 am)

We have been out with groomers trying to develop a trail base.  The snow we received is very light and has no bottom to it.  At present time we do not recommend being on the trails.

Lets hope this system coming has more snow in it than rain.




11 January 2018 (11:00am)

As of yesterday all of our trails were groomed and some with multiple passes.

The upcoming weather does not sound very good.  Let's hope this changes.

Lisa will be having wing night at the Clubhouse tonight starting at 4pm.

Let's try to get out and support this event so we can make it a Thursday night event. 




09 January 2018 (9:00am)

All trails are looking pretty good for the snow we have.

Our operators have done a great job.

As of right now all Moncton Trails are done.

Today we are grooming Trails 878, 885 and doing a loop around the mountain to touch it up.




06 January 2018 (9:00am)

A couple issues yesterday but not too bad for the first day out.

Clubhouse to Point Park and Trail 15 is groomed.

The mountain is about 80 percent done.  We had a track issue and had to go back before we were completely done.  Going back out tonight to finish.

Hillsborough did not get done as we had an alternator issue.  We will be going back out this morning to finish.

The Moncton groomer made it as far as the Ontario Road and parked for the night.  He will be going back out today with assistance of members doing signing in this area.




05 JANUARY 2018  (8:30AM)

Not at all what we were hoping for.

Two groomers will be leaving the Clubhouse this morning.

One heading into Trail 15 and then to Riverview.

Second one is heading around the mountain and then heading towards Alma as far as he can go depending on snow.

This afternoon one will be heading to Hillsborough and one to Moncton.

We ask everybody to be patient as we will do the best we can with the snow we have to work with.




26 DECEMBER 2017

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of our members.

Things are looking good if we could only get one more good storm we would be off and running.

Ground is frozen,groomers and drags are ready,we just need snow.

There has been a lot of trail work this year  ie.signing,bridge building,culverts ,and ditching.

Many thanks to the members that put a lot of long hours into this.

And let's not forget about the beautiful new Kent Road shelter.

Again many thanks to the members that put a lot of hard work into this project.

Let's hope for snow and hope to see you on the trails soon.


If you have any questions or concerns, please see our Board of Directors list