Category: Trail Conditions

Trail Update – Jan. 19

We had a groomer out doing trail 864 towards Hillsborough as far as we could get until we run out of snow.  We also did the 878 to meet the 849. We will have a groomer out doing the mountain trails.  Clubhouse will be open for food and gas. Thanks and sled safe. Kevin Williams

Trail Update – Jan. 18 at 6PM

The groomer on the mountain seems to be making out good. We are sending another groomer towards Riverview tonight hoping to make it to the end of 100 mph stretch. We are doing the best we can with the snow conditions so please members be patient. Clubhouse will be open for food and gas Friday,…Read more

Trail Update – January 13, 2024

We had one groomer out on the mountain yesterday for most of the day and evening. We definitely need more snow but from what I hear it is doable if you take your time. Sounds like the weather tonight is not real favourable but let’s cross our fingers. Clubhouse is open for food and please…Read more

Trail and Kitchen Updates

I hope all our members and supporters had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all. Please start doing a snow dance as our weather is not looking promising.If you have not heard Kick ass foods is running our Kitchen this year and I have heard some very good reports. The hours are…Read more

Year end

The snowmobile season is over and thankfully it turned out to be  a better ending than the start of the season.Feb. was not to bad but March turned great especially in  The highlands.Hopefully next year we get more snow in the lower areas so everybody in town has better access to the trails. On behalf…Read more

March 31

As our season comes to a close the trails on the mountain have been in great shape.A big hats off to our grooming directors,operators and maintenance staff For keeping theses machines rolling.Our midnight poker run will be tonight with poker hands being sold at the clubhouse starting at 4.We will also have a band Starting…Read more

March 15

All 4 groomers will be on the trail tonight. One going to Riverview,one to Hillsborough,Hayward and 878,One to Alma and The Moncton groomer Will be leaving Country View restaurant to Magnetic Hill then Salisbury. Please remember about wing night tomorrow night and the ST Pattys day party Friday nightwith a band and Irish Stew being served.