Category: Trail Conditions

Feb 13 update

Last night we did to Hillsborough,Riverside Albert and back to clubhouse doing trails 864,863 and 869. Today we will be out doing trails on the top side of the mountain. We have had a complaint about sleds not stopping for the stop signs at the windmill roads.Trans Alta will be taking plate numbers and forwarding…Read more

FEb 9 update

Yesterday we groomed the 862,864,and 885 to Guys chalet.Everything on the mountain is groomed except for the 878 and Hayward Pinnacle.Right now we are on the way in the 34and 15 hoping to make as far as the Turtle Creek rd.Don’t forget about wing night at the clubhouse.We are going to do a Lobster Roll…Read more

Feb 7

We had a groomer on the main trail on the mountain last night returning to the clubhouse now. We have one leaving the clubhouse this morning heading in the Hillsborough direction.

Dec 27 9am update

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our members and sponsors a Happy New Year. We have done a lot of work this year and I would like to say a big THANK YOU to our sponsors and volunteers who helped us out. Our groomers have been out on the mountain clearing…Read more

Feb 28. 5 pm

We will be sending groomers out in the morning.Please be very careful in these spring like conditions. Also we have had complaints from Trans Alta the windmill people that sledders are not stopping at the windmill roads.They have told us they have a lot of traffic and machinery moving around the site due to a…Read more

Tuesday feb 22

We have been out fairly steady working on getting trails back into shape.As the water drains off we are making good headway with the holes. We have been to the railway tracks on 885 and hope to get to Salisbury by the weekend. Hillsborough and Albert Mines will be groomed today as far as Broadleaf…Read more

Feb 13. 9pm

In Moncton we have done the 661 to the 34 over to 126 shelter.Then the 678 to Coal Branch and back. Riverview groomer went to Salisbury then to Riverview and back to clubhouse. We had a groomer leave clubhouse and did mountain area and to Alma. Another one went out New Ireland to 863 to…Read more

Feb 11. 3pm

We will have 4 groomers on the trail tonight starting at midnight . One going to Coal branch, one to Hillsborough/Albert,one to Alma and one to Riverview . This will be one of the few times this year we have had 4 groomers out.We have had our share of mechanical problems and we ask everybody…Read more

Feb 6 9pm

We have 3 groomers on the trail and have been running 24/7 since the storm.I have asked everybody in the past to do a snow dance,okay stop dancing.What we need now is a dance to keep groomers running as we have had our struggles. Members I would like to remind you to use snowmobile shelters…Read more

Feb 4 8 am

Another weekend storm for us to clean up.As soon as it stops snowing we will have 3 groomers on the move with one doing the mountain,one to Riverview and one doing the Moncton area. The fourth groomer is down for repairs and if all the parts come in it should be in the trails by…Read more