• Trail Update – Feb. 24, 2024 at 10:30AM
    We will be sending 2 groomers out around 3 pm today once it cools down. We will be doing all trails in the mountain area and to Hardscable. Up coming weather is not looking favourable at all so let’s get out while we can. Sled safe. Kevin Williams
  • Trail Update – Feb. 16 at 7:30am
    We have had a groomer out all day yesterday and last night. All trails on the mountain have been groomed and are surprisingly in good shape for the snow we have. Sled safe. Kevin Williams
  • Trail Update – Feb. 14 at 8AM
    We groomed on the mountain yesterday with some success. The operator said it was very doable with very few bare spots. Kevin Williams
  • Trail Update – Feb. 9 at 6PM
    Tonight we will have groomers on the mountain, Hillsborough, Riverside Albert and also Riverview.  Moncton groomer will be going to 126 shelter and Coal Branch. Lots of sightings of moose on trail 31 / Kent rd and trail 869 so please be careful. Kevin Williams  
  • Trail Update – Feb. 8 at 5PM
    Beautiful day for sledding today. We have a groomer on the way back from Riverview now. There will be a groomer out on the mountain trails tonight. I am hearing reports of sleds on the ATV trails in our area. We expect the ATV ‘s to respect the rules and not use our trails so…Read more