SENBSA Executives & Directors - 2020-21

Kevin Williams President Riverview 852-6715
Dave Hewitson 1st Vice President   380-1028
MacKenzie Steeves 2nd Vice President Riverview 871-9136
Kim Hoar Treasurer   734-2021
Kirk Stairs Secretary  Elgin 875-5810
Wayne Carter Past President   852-6104
Rene Couture Director Moncton 961-1757
Fred Field Director Riverview 874-5268
Dave Garland Director Lakeburn 850-3415
George MacDonald Director   387-4370
Steve McGarrity Director Giant Cash Draw Committee   866-8217
Glen McLaughlin Director   850-0455
Scott Middleton Director   878-1808
Ray Milton Director Hillsborough 734-2021
Brian Morrisey Director   227-6846
Joel Phillips Director   961-0339
Peter Ritcey Director   756-8184
James Ritchie Director Upper Coverdale 851-1357
Travis Smith Director Weldon 734-2932
Bruce Steeves Director   866-5020
Lee Steeves Director Poley Mountain Hill Climb Salisbury 850-3014
Jason Thompson Director Moncton 878-1856
John Warren Director Riverview 386-3131

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