Category: Trail Conditions

Saturday Jan 30

Jan30,7 pmI wasn’t on trails today but heard they were decent. Both parking lots full the last 2 days, too bad we couldn’t open clubhouse. Trails on the mountain will all be groomed tonight. Sled safe Kevin Williams

January 27

Jan 27, I am hearing reports the groomer turning up rocks in the wooded trails. This can’t be helped in these low snow conditions. As I said before please be careful in the wooded trails and if you see rocks please try to push them aside. As far as Riverview and Moncton we come in…Read more

jan 26 evening

Jan 26,7:30Three groomers were out today. Trails are a lot better than they were 3-4 weeks ago when we were out.In the woods please still use caution due to some rocks.The wide open roads are very good.One down fault today was it turned warm and did not help grooming.Due to temperatures we will not be…Read more

Monday JAN 25 update

Jan 25,9 pmWe had two groomers out today towards Hillsborough and Riverside.Reports from operators is it was a lot better than they thought . Very good in places but still some bad spots.We are sending 3 machines out tomorrow with one heading towards Nixon and the other 2 on the mountain .Heard reports of 20…Read more

Friday Jan 22

Jan 22,4:30 pmWell it’s not shaping up to be a very good year.If anybody knows how to do a snow dance please do so ASAP. For anyone wondering there is not enough snow on the mountain to snowmobile . Let’s hope for a better February. Kevin Williams

Friday update

Jan8,1pm After talking to a few people who have been out here is the report. In the woods it is very passable but you have to take your time due the odd rock and washout. Once you get to the open roads it is the very best.We have decided not to take the groomers out…Read more

Jan 4

Jan 4,9pmTwo groomers were out on the mountain last night.Reports are what we expected.In the woods we need more snow and nothing froze.The open roads groomed up good .We will not be back out until we receive more snow.

trail and club update

Jan3,1pm Finally a nice dumping of snow. At the moment we are thinking of sending a couple groomers out in the mountain area to test the waters and cut trees. A big disadvantage is there is nothing frozen and we have had a lot of rain. The gates in Salisbury will remain closed until we…Read more