Feb 4 8 am

Another weekend storm for us to clean up.As soon as it stops snowing we will have 3 groomers on the move with one doing the mountain,one to Riverview and one doing the Moncton area.
The fourth groomer is down for repairs and if all the parts come in it should be in the trails by the middle of next week.We have had complaints in the Cross Creek mini home area of people not using the trail and speeding through this area.Please members again respect landowners and slow down in residential areas.

Also after lots of work and landowner permissions, the closed trail 646 in catamount area has been rerouted. It now turns off the hydro line at JKfraser topsoil field and runs south of the golf course to pacific junction road. It has been updated on the federation interactive site and also the mobile APP. please refrain from continuing on past the trail closed signs on the hydro line. Respect all landowners, it’s the only way we exist. Thanks to all those that have helped on this project.