Wind Mills

TransAlta has reached out to us regarding the recent incident at the Kent Hills wind Farm.They have asked not to enter the area surrounding the wind farm which includes all turbines,substations,collector lines and access roads. Where our trails cross the roads is acceptable but please members stay on the trails.TransAlta has been very cooperative with…Read more

January 11 afternoon

At present 2 groomers are out with one on the Mountain and one towards Hillsborough. Moncton groomer is in back on the Country View Restaurant a couple miles with Mechanical problems.At present we are trying to get that unit traded out with another unit. We will be doing wing night at the clubhouse Thur. night…Read more

Jan 9 2022

Trail Report Jan 9 We finally got what we were looking for.All groomers have been out.All mountain trails have been done except the Riverside Albert trail. 885 has been done as far a Guys Chalet. Riverview and Salisbury has been done. This still shows black on the map as we had tracker issues. Monday we…Read more

March 1 Trail CLOSURE

******TRAIL CLOSURE****** Well this post isn’t fun to write. After the actions of some but more importantly the attitudes and disrespect of others towards a landowner of a very key piece of trail linking Moncton North and the caledonia highlands, this land owner has decided to remove permission for SENBSA club 20 and NBFSC provincial…Read more

feb 25

Last night we did the 885,15 and had a groomer on the mountain. Moncton groomer went to Coal Branch last night. Groomers will be on the trails today so be careful. When parking at the power substation on Whitepine rd in Riverview please park off to the side and leave access to the gate. Kevin…Read more

Feb 23

Nice little March storm to help things last longer. We have one groomer on the move now heading in the 34 to the 15 to Riverglade and Pointe Park. When he leaves Pointe park he will be heading back over to Moncton. The rest will be dispatched tonight. There has been many moose sightings on…Read more

Untitled post

All groomers are on their way to the garage for some much needed maintenance .We will be doing trail 878 tomorrow.Myself and my wife stopped at the clubhouse for lunch today and I must say I was impressed. It was busy which was very nice to see everybody supporting. Lisa and her staff were doing…Read more

Trail Conditions:

To make a long story short on our trails we are grooming all trails in our system 24/7.We are getting complaints from camp owners that snowmobiles are not slowing down when crossing there property and driveways. Please sledders slow down in these areas and respect these land owners. I also seen pictures of sledders not staying…Read more

Trail Update

8:00AM February 19th, 2021: Moncton trails were all groomed yesterday. We also groomed to Hillsborough, Riverview and back through the 885. The water holes on the 885 are froze now but please approach with caution. We are still looking to hire someone to pump gas on the weekends. If you know of anyone please call…Read more

Trail Report

9:30 pm Feb 17Had some groomer problems today so things got delayed.One groomer is in trail 15 returning from Petty going to Riverview .Moncton groomer was on the go today but had mechanical problems also but is repaired now and will be back out in the morning .One groomer will be leaving in the morning…Read more