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Feb 12

Feb12,8am I would rate most of our trails in excellent condition. There are a couple known water holes on the 885 out of riverview and the 15 to pettty. Please be careful out there as our groomers will be on the trails 24 hours a day. Yesterday we did 878, Riverview and mountain area. Moncton…Read more

thursday Feb 11

Feb11,9am All Trails in our system are in good shape. My mistake on Coal Branch yesterday it is being done today. All trails have been groomed at least once and some twice. Trail 15 to Petty and the 885 were groomed yesterday as well as 881 and 871 to Alma. We will be out on…Read more

Wednesday morning update

Feb 10,8am We had a groomer go to Riverview last night doing 34 and 15 to Trites rd. There is a big water hole after the bridge at Mill creek so we are turning at Trites rd. Today we are opening more trails on the mountain and heading to Alma. Moncton groomer did from Carroll…Read more

Friday Feb 5

Grooming did not go as planned last evening with lots of water on the trails. drag was dropped to go in the 885 and he made it towards turtle creek. Fair amount of water in through nixon area. It is not recommended to try leaving from riverview. The Moncton side does not even get a…Read more

Trail Update

When the weather cools down tonight all the groomers will be on the trails. One will be leaving heading to Riverview, Salisbury & the 885. Keep in mind in these low areas we will do the best we can until we run out of snow or run into water. Another groomer will be doing the…Read more

Trail Conditions

We received a good amount of snow, hopefully the rain and warm weather move through quickly. If conditions allow we will be sending a groomer to Moncton Thursday, groomers will also be leaving the clubhouse and heading mountain area first.

Saturday Jan 30

Jan30,7 pmI wasn’t on trails today but heard they were decent. Both parking lots full the last 2 days, too bad we couldn’t open clubhouse. Trails on the mountain will all be groomed tonight. Sled safe Kevin Williams

January 27

Jan 27, I am hearing reports the groomer turning up rocks in the wooded trails. This can’t be helped in these low snow conditions. As I said before please be careful in the wooded trails and if you see rocks please try to push them aside. As far as Riverview and Moncton we come in…Read more