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March 6 morning

Members please beware there will be a drill rig working on the power line on trail 862 on Mar 7&8TH. They will be moving the drill in from the Albert Mines rd on trail 864 the morning of Mar7 and will be moving it back out Mar 8. Please use extreme caution if you are in this area….Read more

March 3 info

All groomers are on the trail today and tonight .We have been into Riverview on the 34,15 and the 885 as far as Guys shelter.We will be going back into Riverview tonight again.Supprisingly with this fresh snow the trails are grooming up good.A big hats off to our grooming directors Mackenzie Steeves,Travis Smith and Dave…Read more

March 2 -noon

Trails on the mountain are in excellent shape.As soons as the snow slows down tomorrow morning we will be on the trail with 4 groomers. If we get enough snow we will be coming to Riverview,Salisbury and the Moncton Groomer Magnetic Hill to Salisbury. Just a reminder about our Lobster Roll run Saturday at the clubhouse. Kevin…Read more

Feb 28

We will have a groomer out tomorrow doing the mountain area to Teahans corner,45 rd ect.We will be having a lobster roll run at the clubhouse this Saturday from 12-5.The lobster will be supplied by one of our long time sponsors Collins Lobster from Alma.Everybody is welcome.

Feb 17

Last night we did the mountain area,he is on his way back to clubhouse to rest for the day and head back out tonight. Our plan tonight is one to Salisbury,one around 878 We would like to Thank Brandt for donating a Weber smoker for us to sell tickets on to help with the ice…Read more

Feb 15 update

Last night we left clubhouse headed for Hardscable and 878.We got almost to Meadow rd and come accross big tree on trail which the operator was not comfortable cutting alone .He turned around and is headed in 885 to Guys Chalet.He is going to turn there and head as far as Nixon as time persists.Moncton…Read more

Feb 13 update

Last night we did to Hillsborough,Riverside Albert and back to clubhouse doing trails 864,863 and 869. Today we will be out doing trails on the top side of the mountain. We have had a complaint about sleds not stopping for the stop signs at the windmill roads.Trans Alta will be taking plate numbers and forwarding…Read more

FEb 9 update

Yesterday we groomed the 862,864,and 885 to Guys chalet.Everything on the mountain is groomed except for the 878 and Hayward Pinnacle.Right now we are on the way in the 34and 15 hoping to make as far as the Turtle Creek rd.Don’t forget about wing night at the clubhouse.We are going to do a Lobster Roll…Read more

Feb 7

We had a groomer on the main trail on the mountain last night returning to the clubhouse now. We have one leaving the clubhouse this morning heading in the Hillsborough direction.