Yearend SENBSA Update

As our season officially closed yesterday I must say it was one of the worst ever as far as snow.  I guess we were not alone in this department as everybody had very low snow count.  It couldn’t get much worse so I am sure next year will be better.

I would like to thank all of our volunteers, sponsors land owners and members who continue to support us every year.  Without all of you this would be impossible to make happen.

I would also thank our groomer operators and maintenance staff for the fantastic dedication they provide in helping us groom trails.

A big hats off to Todd Henry/Kick Ass foods and his staff for providing a fantastic year at the clubhouse.  As everybody would agree the food and service was fantastic and also Roxanne and her art work on the board was something to look forward to every time you went in.  Please keep an eye on hours as Todd will be open throughout this spring, summer and fall.

This coming Saturday will be our annual clean up day where we clean trails, shelters, groomers and groomer garage.  If you are out on the trails and see cans or garbage please pick them up to try and help keep this beautiful place we live clean.  Also if you see any of our orange cones we use to mark hazards please pick them up and return to groomer garage or call a director or myself to arrange pick up.

We will be at the groomer garage from 9-1 so any member or landowner that would just like to come up and view our facility and grooming equipment you are more than welcome.

A couple accomplishments the club is proud to get done this past year are of course the Crooked Creek Bridge and a full automatic generator system for the clubhouse and groomer garage.

Another one that was done by a group of volunteers and sponsors was the beautiful Memel shelter.  A big thank you to everybody that made this happen.

In closing, I would like to say please don’t loose faith in this fantastic sport and I am sure next year can only get better as far as snow count.


Kevin Williams