March 1 Trail CLOSURE

******TRAIL CLOSURE******

Well this post isn’t fun to write. After the actions of some but more importantly the attitudes and disrespect of others towards a landowner of a very key piece of trail linking Moncton North and the caledonia highlands, this land owner has decided to remove permission for SENBSA club 20 and NBFSC provincial federation trail 34 on his property. Effective Monday March 1st the trail 34 from homestead road to the TCH highway 2 will be closed until a work around can be found. the trail will now end at the country view restaurant on the north side and the 660 intersection on the south.

As well, the club facebook page has been changed to only allow admin approved postings giving updated trail status reports.

The volunteers of this club have put in far too many hours of work and effort to have problems caused by the ignorance of others.This is a volunteer organization and it looks forward to having more people step up to help rectify this situation