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Jan 27 8am

3 groomers on the move last night -one to Moncton after 2 breakdowns on the way -one to Riverview -and on on its way to Alma now With any luck we should have #2 back up and running tonight. We have had complaints from a land owner about sleds not staying on the trail in…Read more

RIP Raymond

It is with great sadness this morning we have to announce the passing of one of our long term members/directors Raymond Milton. Raymond has been with the club since it started and looked after the trails in Hillsborough/ Albert Mines area as well many other things in the club. Kim our thoughts and condolences are…Read more

Saturday Jan 22

JAN 22 8:30AM Three groomers have been out doing Moncton,Riverview and the mountain area.I must say our trails are pretty good even with the machine problems we have had in the last two weeks.A big thanks goes out to our operators,grooming directors and our mechanics. Club 28/ Goshen come in again and helped us out…Read more

Jan 20. Noon

We had one groomer go to Riverview last night and one go to New Ireland rd and work on Drifts. After being on trails yesterday I was impressed with the conditions with our current groomer situation. We should have a third groomer on the trails by tonight if everything goes well.We will be sending a…Read more

Jan 19 7am

We had two groomers out last night.One went out and broke open New Ireland towards Riverside Albert and also the 863. The second one did Hillsborough,Albert Mines and Riverside Albert trails.Due to the breakdowns we have been experiencing our neighbouring club 28/Goshen groomed the 871 and 881 for us last night.A big Thank-you to them…Read more

Saturday Jan 15 noon

3 groomers will be out today. We will be doing Moncton,mountain area and one going to Riverview and trail 15. Our clubhouse will be closed for food until the restrictions are lifted.We will also be closed for gas today but will be open tomorrow for gas. Please be careful as there will be a lot…Read more

Jan 13 / 7am

Just what we needed another little dumping of snow and it looks good for tomorrow . Unfortunately we have 2 groomers down due to mechanical problems.Our mechanics have been working very hard to get these units back on the trail and a big thanks goes out to them for there dedication. Today we will have…Read more

Wind Mills

TransAlta has reached out to us regarding the recent incident at the Kent Hills wind Farm.They have asked not to enter the area surrounding the wind farm which includes all turbines,substations,collector lines and access roads. Where our trails cross the roads is acceptable but please members stay on the trails.TransAlta has been very cooperative with…Read more

January 11 afternoon

At present 2 groomers are out with one on the Mountain and one towards Hillsborough. Moncton groomer is in back on the Country View Restaurant a couple miles with Mechanical problems.At present we are trying to get that unit traded out with another unit. We will be doing wing night at the clubhouse Thur. night…Read more

Jan 9 2022

Trail Report Jan 9 We finally got what we were looking for.All groomers have been out.All mountain trails have been done except the Riverside Albert trail. 885 has been done as far a Guys Chalet. Riverview and Salisbury has been done. This still shows black on the map as we had tracker issues. Monday we…Read more